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Wall Street Balls

Wall Street Balls
Lions Awards (2)
Silver Lion : Creative Data
Bronze Lion : Direct
The Testicular Cancer Society
Testicular Cancer Society
Middle East / North Africa

Creative Data
Health & Wellness


Research shows that 1 in 250 men will develop testicular cancer. Regular self-examination increases the chances of early detection and treatment, but most men still don’t perform regular self-checks, and even fewer speak about it openly online.

In partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society, we needed a way to break the stigma, get more people talking about self-checks, and help normalize the behavior of reminding men to do them. To do that we had to reach as many people as possible on a very limited budget.

We discovered that, while most men’s balls go unchecked, thousands of people check out the Wall Street Bull’s balls every day, making them, “The most checked balls on earth.” This made the Wall Street Bull’s balls the perfect pair of ambassadors for a quirky and impactful campaign.

We used the Wall Street Bull’s “most checked balls on earth” to raise awareness for testicular cancer by turning social media comments into lifesaving reminders and reaching more people than ever in a light-hearted way. Using text mining and image recognition we tracked every post on social media featuring the famous Wall Street Bull’s balls, and set up a reactive content team to identify a point of engagement in multiple languages. Multiple copies were tested to identify the most suitable content for engagement through generative AI and published as comments to users’ posts in real time, reminding men to check their own balls instead, or for women to remind their male friends and family.

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