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Second Life

Marie Kondo helped make the process of decluttering a global pop-culture phenomenon. But there’s a more poignant story about cleaning up in Japan that the world may not know about. As Japanese individuals enter their senior years, they go through an emotionally daunting process called “Shukatsu” (end-of-life decluttering), in which they throw away belongings before they move into retirement homes to avoid burdening their children when they pass on.
Saying goodbye to their possessions can be painful, as they represent priceless memories of the lives they led. Safari, a Japanese vintage boutique, saw the opportunity to enrich the secondhand shopping experience by highlighting these memories. The brand created “Second Life,” a platform that sells the seniors’ beloved pieces while also telling the precious stories behind them. Each item is accompanied by the tale of a first date, a joyous moment with friends, a career highlight and more. The stories are told on the collection site, clothing tags and on Instagram reels. Once the younger audience buys a piece, they are encouraged to share their own new stories about wearing them.
Truth Well Told: The touching insight about Japanese seniors’ experiences highlighted through beautifully-crafted tales online, in social media and in packaging helped to sell out Safari’s first “Second Life” collection within days.
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