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Room for Everyone

Last year, Mastercard debuted the celebrated “Where to Settle” campaign, which leveraged data to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland find the best cities to settle in based on their personal conditions. The campaign was recognized as one of the few campaigns advancing United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in last year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.
As Ukrainians settled into Poland, they’ve opened 10% of new businesses and increasingly have become seen as competition. So we unleashed the power of data again with “Room for Everyone,” a campaign that shows how Ukrainian and local Polish businesses can help each other thrive.
The campaign promotes “Where to Start,” a data-driven tool that matches Polish and Ukrainian businesses based on a complementary data model. The new tool provides users with information about complementary businesses, i.e. those that prosper better when operating near each other (for example, a bakery and a barber, or a bookstore and a jeweller, respectively, can count on more customers when operating close by). The insights help to create a symbiotic business ecosystem among Ukrainian and Polish entrepreneurs.
The campaign also enlisted Polish entrepreneurs to encourage Ukrainian businesses to open next to them, shifting the dialogue from toxic competition to healthy collaboration.
Truth Well Told: As Mastercard remained committed to supporting the livelihoods and success of Ukrainian refugees in Poland as well as the community around them, up to 40% of new businesses used the tool. The campaign also saw a 10% rise in positive sentiment toward Ukrainians.
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