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Mastercard’s business challenge is a fundamental lack of differentiation in its core product. Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover all offer the same technology, and all promise the same speed, security and convenience.

The way to solve this was simple and straightforward. Mastercard historically differentiated itself through its brand campaign: “Priceless.” But we needed to make good on our Priceless promise by substantiating it with real action.

One area where Mastercard could make a difference that was truly priceless: financial inclusion. Some 1.4 billion people on Earth are “unbanked,” and do not have access to the modern banking system. This limits their lives enormously — cash is less secure, less flexible and only allows for gray market loans to start small businesses.

Mastercard’s goal is universal financial inclusion, because that is the right thing to do and because it’s what gives Mastercard an edge and helps grow its business.

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