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You will collect your badge from Registration and Badge Collection at the Gare Maritime. The building is next door to the main venue (the Palais des Festivals) and the Casino Barriere. You’ll find it here on the map. You can also use the Cannes Lions 2024 app for directions.

A few days before the Festival, you will receive an email with your unique barcode and details on how to collect your badge onsite. You’ll also find the barcode in the app, under Badge Pick-Up. Your Cannes Lions badge shows your headshot, name and company name. You will need to show a photo ID and your badge collection barcode email. Allow at least 20-30 minutes to collect your badge, more on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Badge Pick-up Hours:

Pre Registration* – Sunday 16 June: 8:00am–8:00pm
Day 1 – Monday 17 June: 8:00am–8:00pm
Day 2 – Tuesday 18 June: 8:30am–7:00pm
Day 3 – Wednesday 19 June: 9:00am–7:00pm
Day 4 – Thursday 20 June: 9:00am–7:00pm
Day 5 – Friday 21 June: 9:00am–7:00pm


Download the official 2024 Cannes Lions app.


You can add this website as an app on your phone for easy access:

STEP ONE: Navigate to the webpage you would like to link to using Safari on your iPhone.

STEP TWO: Click on the share button at the bottom of the screen

STEP THREE: Select add to home screen

STEP FOUR: Retitle the icon, so you can quickly see what the icon is for and then click add.

STEP FIVE: The icon is now on your home screen.


Between our Lion contenders, thought leadership, talks, and client events throughout the week there’s a lot happening! Information and details on where we’ll be at Cannes can be found at the following places:

  • MW Cannes Website
    Public site covering the who, what and where of our network at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Includes our content schedule and Cannes contenders.
  • MW Cocktails
    Event page to RSVP for our Cocktail party. Please share with your clients and partners.
  • Full Agenda
    Full agenda including client presentations and panels. For Internal Team only.
  • IPG Common Ground
    Programming at Common Ground located in the Rüya restaurant at The Carlton. You will need to RSVP to any programming there that you wish to attend. Registration for Common Ground throughout the week will be at the front entrance.


The weather in Cannes in June is warm and humid, averaging low 60s (15-20 °C) at night to the low 80s (25-30 °C) in the daytime. During the day, the dress code is fairly informal. Neat or business casual should be good for screenings, meetings and general hanging out. Short-sleeves or lightweight button-downs, light pants or shorts, and casual day dresses all work well. Evening events can lean dressier. No matter what, wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Please remember Cannes is a business trip, which means you should conduct yourself in the same manner as you would in the office or at a business function.

If you have any questions or to connect with the McCann Worldgroup team, please reach out to

It’s been another busy year for McCann Worldgroup and we’re ready to show the power of #MWTogether at Cannes.



To be the leader in the business of creativity.


We build enduring brands together.


Our McCann Worldgroup family is made up of our 4 Power Brands all of whom partner with each other and our clients to deliver the best creative solutions:

  • McCann – Building Enduring Brand Platforms
  • MRM – Building Enduring Brand Relationships
  • FutureBrand – Building Enduring Brand Designs
  • Craft – Building Enduring Brand Assets

For over 115 years this simple premise has remained as relevant today as it was then. Every creative, impactful campaign starts with a simple human …

    • Truth (impossible to deny)
    • Well (impossible to ignore)
    • Told (impossible to avoid)

Truth to Impact is our proprietary operating system that guides us to strategically brilliant, creatively rich, and powerfully effective ideas that build enduring brand platforms.

Conscious Inclusion cultivates an ethos of belonging, connection and shared purpose that simultaneously brings in the best talent and brings out the best in all of us. By integrating this philosophy into every facet of the employee experience, we create an environment that empowers everyone to be their authentic selves and, together, generate the most impactful work for our clients.

McCann Worldgroup, part of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), is a leading global creative solutions company. The company is united across 100+ countries by a mission to build enduring brands together. McCann Worldgroup was named Network for the Year by the Andys in 2024, Network of the Year by the EPICA Awards for the sixth time and ranked Most Effective Agency Network by the Global Effie Index 2023, for the fifth time. The core McCann Worldgroup network is comprised of McCann, MRM, CRAFT, and FutureBrand, and partners with Momentum Worldwide, Weber Shandwick and UM to deliver solutions across the entire marketing spectrum.


Wondering what to say when people ask, “What’s new at MW?”

Here are some tips:


Our work is the result of collaboration between agencies, regions, capabilities and partnerships that no other network can match.


Recent wins include:

  • PWC
  • Reckitt – Social
  • Frontier
  • L’Oreal – Biotherm
  • Viktor & Rolf
  • AMC Theatres
  • McDonalds – CRM
  • Xbox – Brand Architecture

Our Top 10 clients include GM, L’Oréal, Aldi, Mastercard, Reckitt, Nestle, Sanofi, Microsoft, NEOM, PWC and Coca-Cola.

Since Cannes Lions 2023 we have bolstered our leadership with a number of senior executives including:

    • Lalita Koehler, Global President, Craft (May 2024)
    • Crystal Malachias, Global Head of Influencer for McCann Content Studios (Sept. 2023)
    • Amit Sutha President and Global Chief Client Officer of McCann Content Studios (Sept. 2023)
    • Stephanie Nerlich, Global President of McCann (Aug. 2023)
    • Shannon Washington, Global Chief Creative Officer, Gotham (Oct. 2023)
    • Javi Campopiano, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Worldgroup & McCann (Sept. 2023)


Our global intelligence unit, Truth Central, together with our Human Sciences capability, provide bespoke research services, offering an invaluable look into the attitudes, behaviors, trends and actions (re)shaping our world.

    • We will be revealing insights from our Truth About Ascending Asia at IPG’s Common Ground on Wednesday June 19th.
    • We will be hosting an invite only Brunch for clients to share the latest insights from our Truth About Youth study on Thursday June 20th in our MW Suite.


  • (Ai)magination Partnership: In April we announced the launch of our new strategic partnership with [Ai]magination, a leading AI content production studio, leveraging AI to infuse our ideas with new levels of imagination, from storyboarding all the way to production. [Ai]magination was launched by Fred & Farid, an independent creative agency that shares our philosophy and approach to gen AI – that it serves as a creative assistant and not a creative replacement.
  • Leveraging AI Responsibly: AI’s output is only as good as its human input. Without the best of us guiding it, it can fall victim to the same cultural biases and prejudices present IRL. To help our clients and our people use generative AI tools more ethically we have created a guide which includes tips on how to use more specific and inclusive prompts, asking for factual examples and more.
  • Recent Work: Recent examples of AI focused work include: Mucinex’s “Mucus Masher,” and Black & Abroad’s “See You There.”


  • We continue to supercharge our commerce capabilities. Following the acquisition of RafterOne, our production agency, Craft, formed an exclusive alliance with Threedium whose proprietary 3D/AR technology creates immersive experiences for shoppers, allowing us to create life-like online shopping journeys that make our brands significantly more engaging for consumers at every touchpoint.


  • At the end of 2023 we launched McCann Content Studios, providing clients with a global capability for social and influencer marketing, as well as connected social commerce. IPG’s influencer agency ITB joined the new unit. McCann LIVE, the network’s social practice that pioneered work for clients such Aldi in the UK and Converse in the U.S., also became part of McCann Content Studios.
  • McCann Content Studios is unique in the industry in that it houses our social and influencer strategy capabilities; social creative ideation and content creation; social audience and connection strategies and activation; influencer content co-creation and production; and performance measurement and optimization under one roof, ensuring alignment across brand narrative social storytelling.

SUSTAINABILITY in partnership with IPG:

  • We collaborate closely with IPG in all areas of sustainability. A critically important part of IPG’s ESG program is the commitment to take action for a healthy climate, see an opportunity to accelerate our transition to a lower-carbon future. The entire IPG network is working together to achieve an ambitious climate action plan, with a goal to reach net-zero carbon across our global operations by 2040.
  • IPG is a signatory of The Climate Pledge, joining over 450 global companies and organizations who have committed to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Science-Based Targets

  • To guide our achievement of this goal, we set science-based targets to reach by 2030: a 50% reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (2019 baseline); and a 30% reduction of Scope 3 emissions (2019 baseline). The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has validated these near-term targets in alignment with a 1.5 degree Celsius warming trajectory.

Renewable Electricity

  • IPG has committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity across our entire portfolio by 2030. By the end of 2023, IPG sourced 30% renewable electricity.

During Cannes, we will use hashtags on our global social media channels, both from Cannes Lions and from all our teams and people around the network. Please use these in addition to any hashtags you use for your local agency or team:


#IPGCannes2024 as appropriate for IPG events



  • Try and share events, sessions, ceremonies, conversation with unique content or a unique POV.
  • Publish in real-time as possible–content is more likely to be picked up and engaged with when it’s fresh.
  • Showcase clients when and where possible, if they’re at the event or demonstrating client work. Share photos of you and colleagues attending sessions, touring the Palais and the work with @McCannWorldgroup.
  • Share photos at awards ceremonies and Cannes Lions, and our awarded work–use our wins as an opportunity to celebrate the people and clients behind it.
  • Share your reflections on industry trends, creativity, and other inspiration you may have received from programming.


  • When in doubt, leave it out — if there is any question that it might not be suitable to represent MW in a positive or professional way, don’t post.
  • If you wouldn’t be comfortable sending your photo directly to the press or HR, don’t post it.
  • Don’t publish content with alcohol or partying.
  • Don’t publish low-quality content – blurry, pixelated images and videos.

Through our work, we’re able to credentialize ourselves across important areas.

• Truth (impossible to deny)
• Well (impossible to ignore)
• Told (impossible to avoid)


McCann Worldgroup is known for having some of the longest-standing client relationships in our industry, with iconic brand partnerships spanning industries, from L’Oréal for over 50 years, Mastercard, a relationship of 25+ years, to almost a decade with Microsoft. We do this by building brand platforms that allow for transformation and evolution and modernity while staying true to a brand’s ethos and purpose.

  • We continued to build Mastercard’s “Priceless” through its purpose of financial inclusion with the “Room for Everyone” campaign. It includes “Where to Start,” a data-driven tool that helps to boost the businesses of Ukrainian refugees in Poland alongside those of their Polish neighbors. The campaign is a follow-up to the Grand Prix and Titanium winning “Where to Settle.” The campaign was the latest in our ongoing and evolving ideas around inclusion for the “Priceless” platform that have led to tremendous growth for the Mastercard brand.
  • Our campaigns also bolstered Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet. The Grand Prix-winning “ADLaM” campaign evolved to reach schools across West Africa; the government of Guinea set a goal to teach 2 million children ADLaM alphabet in five years and the Mali government recognized it as an official national language.
  • Xbox “Field Trips” brought fun to children’s education through gaming, while “Everyday Tactician” turned the game “Football Manager” into a recruiting tool for football club Bromley. The campaign gave a skilled Football Manager gamer a real-life job as a tactician for the club, which was promoted to the next league during the campaign. It also led to the highest selling edition of the game.
  • L’Oreal’s iconic tagline “Because I’m Worth It” took on a new trajectory with the “Worth It Resume.” Female leaders in business and entertainment shared on LinkedIn their personal stories of failure. The point was to encourage other women to not let the fear of failure hold them back from pursuing their own dreams.


We used cultural moments to boost business and awareness for our clients through creative commerce:

  • When Apple caused a stir with its announcement that iPhone’s autocorrect feature no longer turned the word “f%ck” into “duck,” the agency created the “About Ducking Time” campaign for Durex driving online sales through the use of cheeky duck-themed shoppable posts.
  • Barbie-mania was at an all-time high this summer, and so were the prices around Barbie gear. We drew customers to GM’s used car shopping platform Car Bravo by selling Barbie Dream Cars at reasonable prices, just like the real-life cars on the site. The toys sold out, more importantly, 2.3M worth of real cars sold to Barbie email recipients, leading to Car Bravo’s best sales month in history.
  • Online shoppers frequently abandon their carts, often waiting for prices to drop. This inspired “Throwback Deals,” a campaign for Samsung that sifted through customer carts, finding goods that were abandoned on Black Friday—even from years ago. Those customers were then promised the Black Friday prices from that time, but on the current model of those products. The promotion led to Samsung’s second-best sales week compared to Black Friday week.


We helped consumers look with fresh eyes at established brands thanks to a number of product innovations:

  • Nestle’s Thomy, a German condiment brand known for its distinctive aluminum packaging, became a social media star thanks to the “Saurk,” a fork-shaped cap you can screw onto the Thomy tube to mustard coat every bite. It helped Thomy become the top-selling condiment when it debuted in Italy — known for not being welcoming to sauces produced outside of the country.
  • Britannia’s Good Day, India’s best-selling cookie brand, is known for the myriad cute smiles that adorn each biscuit. We helped the brand become more inclusive with the introduction of the “Cleft Cookie,” reflecting the smiles of those born with cleft lips and palates, as the country has one of the highest incidents of cleft births worldwide. The new product debuted alongside the brand’s support for “Smile Train,” the world’s largest cleft-focused NGO.
  • Also in India, a product idea for leading shoe brand Buckaroo addressed the needs of another underserved group. The “Fit My Feet” campaign aims to provide custom footwear for those in India born with club feet. The brand created customizable flip-flop kits distributed to the country’s vast network of street cobblers, who can now create bespoke sandals shaped perfectly to the feet of patrons with club feet.


We brought brands and entertainment together across multiple platforms:

  • U.S. Bank helped to empower Hispanic consumers with the first-ever Spanish language voice assistant, which we introduced with a powerful documentary about child interpreters, “Translators,” which earned the top honor at Tribeca X.
  • Mapfre’s “Live Insurance” brought an action-packed twist to the comedy-dominated insurance category. It captured, reality TV-style, 300 hours of the company’s first responders going to the aid of consumers and broadcasted the content live across outdoor, social, banner ads and more.
  • Entertainment doesn’t just happen on the screen. For Heinz, we developed the “Slowmaster 57, a real-life board game that allowed customers to conduct “slow races” with Heinz ketchup and its competitors, highlighting the thickness that famously puts Heinz above the rest.

We supported inclusion across a variety of industries through the power of human truths:

  • U.S. Bank’s “Translators” shined a light on the importance of language accessibility, focusing on the lives of three child “translators,” young children tasked with translating important documents (such as bills, bank notices, and healthcare forms) for their relatives who don’t speak English. The film delivers an emotional, first-person look at their experiences, shared by a broad population of Americans who are responsible for dealing with adult conversations beyond their years.
  • In Peru, breast cancer is the second cause of death among women—due to an overrun public health system making it difficult to access mammograms. Tottus, a leading supermarket chain, took action to protect their most important customers by making mammograms surprisingly accessible and affordable through a familiar vehicle: a gift card that you can buy in a supermarket. The “Gift Card of Life” gave women access to a quality mammogram at private clinic at an 80% discount – making an important health service as easy as buying milk at the store.
  • Viral beauty brand NYX broke down barriers this year with the “For Lips Only” Super Bowl ad. A female-led team created the ad and flipped the script of male stereotypes with some lighthearted humor—it starred rapper Cardi B (a longtime fan of the brand) and a group of men who misunderstood where the brand’s new “Duck Plump” lip gloss should be applied. The spot opened the door for brands wanting to take advantage of the Big Game to reach their female audience in the future.


Sustainability was at the heart of some of our most ambitious and inventive creative ideas, including the following:

  • A campaign for Husqvarna that allowed customers to put their lawnmowers into “Rewilding Mode.” Added through a software update, it allows the lawnmowers to leave a designated patch of land uncut in order to help flora and fauna flourish.
  • Vintage clothes shopping turns poignant with the “Second Life” collection for secondhand retailer Safari. In Japan, seniors go through the process of “shukatsu,” or “end of life decluttering,” in which they clear out their homes before going into retirement facilities so as not to burden their families when they pass. For Safari, we created the “Second Life” platform that sells the seniors’ beloved pieces while also telling the precious stories behind them. Clothing tags on each item recount a story behind each piece, from a first date to a career highlight and more. The stories also appear on social media, and once a customer buys a piece, they are encouraged to share their new clothing tale. The collection ultimately sold out days within launch.

We used the forceful combination of human creativity and artificial intelligence to produce powerful work such as:

  • Xbox “Machine Warning”: In the incredibly competitive space of first-person shooter games, Xbox and ActivisionBlizzard were launching the new game “Overwatch 2: Invasion,” in which evil A.I. robots attack humanity. There is a growing concern around the growth of A.I., and our target audience are engaged in the rise of this technology, often voicing their concerns across social. So, we gave them a way to fight back.  The campaign featured an innovative gaming experience that invited gamers to play “Overwatch 2” in front of bespoke, personified A.I. software that was trained to interpret and understand the gameplay—recognizing when the evil robots got shot and blown up by humanity.
  • For the “See You There”campaign, Black & Abroad and McCann Canada leveraged generative AI to help their customers picture themselves in their next tourism adventure, showcasing the beauty and luxury of international travel for the Black community. Along the way, however, the team uncovered the world of bias encoded in AI models. Outputs depicted Black travelers in instances of African poverty (vs tourism) and even went so far as to impose whiteness on top of guests by lightening their skin tones and straightening their hair.  So, Black & Abroad released its findings on AI biases as a rallying cry to the larger travel industry, asking “Where is the Black traveler?” The campaign went on tointroduce a Generative AI Bias Reporting System where users could report any biases they discovered with Generative AI in order to help the broader community eradicate bias when developing new models.


  • “Everyday Tactician” turned Xbox into a recruiting platform for football club Bromley and helped the team to recruit its newest statistician, Nathan Owolabi, from the pool of talented “Football Manager” players. The campaign featured in a multi-part TNT Sports series that followed the Nathan and the rise of Bromley — which was promoted to the English Football League for the first time in its 132-year history during the campaign. Xbox “Field Trips” highlighted the possibilities of gaming as an education platform and reached students where they were already having fun.
  • There’s a useful security advice page which you should be aware of even if this is not your first time to Cannes.
  • In a public space, call 112 for any serious incident or emergency. Operators will either deal with your request directly or transfer you to the appropriate emergency service.
  • IPG’s 24/7 Notification Center +1 443-716-2239 is a continuously available, operator-assisted service employees can use to report a security or medical incident and get help. You can also contact at +1 917-861-7044.
  • In case of a travel emergency, IPG may ask you to check-in to confirm your safety through our global travel safety app: Worldcue Mobile, which you can download through your preferred app store. From the home screen, there are two buttons: the Check-In Safe button should be pushed if you’re okay and don’t require assistance or you can push the Notify IPG button which connect you to a live operator and someone who can help. Be sure to “allow” location services.

Know Before You Go

What we’ll be talking about

Social Media Guidance

Themes in our work

Safety Information